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Fight aging… with STINK power!

Some folks will tell you that living to a ripe old age stinks.

Well, guess what?

Turns out they’re right – just not in the way they think!

New research reveals a secret compound that could hold the key to longevity… and the one place you’ll find it most is inside cheese.

Not Velveeta or Kraft. That bright orange garbage might END your life, not extend it.

I’m talking about REAL cheese… the RIPE stuff that STINKS so much you can’t even tell if it’s good or bad… especially blue cheese.

You may know this stuff as one of the only things that can make a salad edible.

But now, you might want to add a touch of blue to everything – because the new study finds a compound hidden under all that stink called spermidine could possibly add years to your life.

In tests in lab mice, spermidine helped lower blood pressure levels and improve overall cardiac health.

More importantly, the mice given the spermidine lived LONGER.

Sound like it’s time to make like a mouse and start chasing after that cheese!

I’m only half-kidding here; while I normally wouldn’t get too worked up over a study on rodents, we should all eat more cheese.

Some folks are terrified of cheese because of its fat content so they stay away from it altogether – or when they eat the stuff, they stick to bland, low-fat and fat-free cheeses.


But despite what you’ve heard, the fats in cheese aren’t bad for you. They’re downright terrific – and if you sip some wine as you nibble on that cheese, you’ll have two of the key ingredients of the “French paradox.”

The French love cheese and booze almost as much as they love mimes and accordions… yet despite these and other “bad” habits, they have a lower risk of heart problems.

More importantly, they live more than THREE YEARS longer than the typical American.

The folks in Italy, another cheese-crazy country, live even longer… and a study there found cheese-eaters have a lower risk of both heart disease and heart failure.

Notice a trend here?

So, eat more cheese, especially the stinky stuff, and enjoy it without any guilt. Just remember: the stinkier… the better!

And if you happen to like blue cheese, you have excellent taste. But if it comes in a bottle, it’s probably not the right stuff.

Blue cheese “dressing” isn’t the same is honest-to-goodness blue cheese, and it’s almost certainly much lower in life-extending spermidine.

Stick to the good stuff from a cheese shop or at least the cheese counter in a decent supermarket. You might find it labeled under fancy names like “gorgonzola,” “Roquefort,” or “stilton” – but it’s all the same stuff.

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