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It’s time to GO NUTS!

Time to break out the nutcrackers – but don’t just use them for decoration this year.

Put them to work!

Nuts are one of the best snacks around any time of year, and don’t let the naysayers who claim there’s too much fat… too many calories… and too much salt in them scare you away.

Turns out eating nuts can cut your risk of just about EVERYTHING you fear (short of a tax audit).

It’s as if the shell comes off the nut and then locks itself around YOU, offering protection from nearly every major disease and even death itself – slashing your risk of dying too soon by a stunning 22 percent.

Think that’s good? It gets better.

They’ll cut your risk of today’s leading killers, slashing your odds of heart disease by 30 percent, cancer by 15 percent, the risk of death from respiratory infection in half, and death from diabetes by 40 percent.

Nuts will even cut your risk of death from kidney disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and infectious diseases, according to the analysis of 29 studies.

You’d have to be NUTS not to want all those benefits.

The reason is simple: Nuts might be small, but they’re packed with healthy protective fats, essential nutrients, fiber, and some of the most important minerals like magnesium, a nutrient so critical it literally keeps your heart beating.

Nuts will also help you fight inflammation, oxidation, and more.

All that, and they’re the perfect snack. Bite-sized, portable, and filling… so you’re less likely to cheat between meals.

And it doesn’t take much to get all these great benefits. The folks in the new study ate an average of just 20 grams per day.

That’s not a lot – less than an ounce a day, or a handful of nuts.

I don’t know anyone who can eat a single handful of nuts and stop. Do you? It’s like trying to eat just three M&Ms. It just doesn’t happen.

This is an average over the course of a week, so what’s probably going on here is that these folks are eating 2 to 3 ounces or more… two or three times a week.

Just be sure to eat real nuts… ideally the kind you have to crack from the shell yourself (use a real nutcracker and not a “decorative” one).

And whatever you do, avoid honey-roasted, sugar-coated, chocolate-crusted nuts. They contain more sugar than nut and will likely set you up for disease instead of avoiding it.

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