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EXPOSED: The dirty truth about cancer drugs!

If you’ve been given cancer drugs that don’t work… if you’re DYING of the disease because you got BAD MEDS instead of REAL TREATMENTS… the FDA has a message for you today.

“Tough luck!”

Big Pharma has been flat-out busted pulling the wool over the agency’s eyes, pushing meds through approvals that, we now know, do NOTHING.

But the agency doesn’t seem to give a rip.

They’re not taking action to help protect the patients who were scammed. In fact, they’re doing just the opposite.

They’re leaving the drugs on the market so MORE PATIENTS can make the same deadly mistakes!

The media, too, is turning a blind eye to what’s rapidly turning into the biggest medical scandal in years – as a new analysis finds the cancer drugs rushed through approvals almost always turn out to be duds.

Of 36 cancer drugs approved between 2004 and 2012, half of them – 18 new drugs! – offered NO SURVIVAL BENEFIT at all.

The other drugs weren’t much better:

  • Two of them made quality of life WORSE.
  • Six of them were no better than older, cheaper drugs… or, in some cases, no better than placebos… or even NO treatment at all, which is hardly a ringing endorsement.
  • Four had mixed results, and five had missing data so the researchers couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on with them.

Just ONE of those 36 drugs actually had solid evidence showing that it improved quality of life in cancer patients.

The only thing the other meds will do is drain your bank account, since newer drugs cost more and usually involve huge out-of-pocket fees if you hope the get the “latest and greatest” treatment.

Yet the FDA sits back and does nothing.


Just one drug – bevacizumab – had one of its approvals pulled. But since it was kept on the market for “other” approved purposes, docs can keep pushing it on trusting cancer patients who don’t know any better.

This isn’t just a matter of being robbed of your hard-earned cash.

Cancer doesn’t wait for you to find a treatment that works. Tumors keep growing and spreading – so every day you waste on a treatment that DOESN’T work is time you could have spent getting something that DOES.

The researchers behind the study couldn’t have been more clear in their advice, and it’s exactly what you’ve heard right here in the Daily Dose over the years.

“Don’t assume the newest most-expensive drug is the best one,” senior author Diana Zuckerman told Reuters.

That’s right, friend. Tried-and-true beats edgy and new more times than your doc will ever care to admit.

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