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This doctor-recommended habit could kill you

We’re supposed to be starting a New Year – but your doc is about to turn back the clock.

One of the WORST ideas in modern medicine is getting ready to come back in a big way, as mainstream “experts” claim it’s time to push aspirin therapy on seniors.

This isn’t just BAD advice.

It’s DANGEROUS – even DEADLY – advice, because aspirin can thin the blood so quickly that folks who take it can suffer serious bleeding in the gut and even in the brain.

It’s so dangerous even the FDA – usually happy to back every bad drug in the book – urges AGAINST aspirin therapy for primary prevention.

Seems like these “experts” didn’t get that memo, because they’re claiming that pushing aspirin on seniors will extend lives.

But don’t pop those pills and start making plans for your 100th birthday party just yet, because hidden in the details is the “real” benefit: Older folks who take aspirin daily live on average about four months longer, according to the study published in the journal PLOS One.

That’s it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d fight tooth and nail for four extra MINUTES of good living, much less four months.

But aspirin isn’t your ticket to extra time living the high life.

It’s a ticket to the ER!

One study published in 2012 found daily aspirin prevents heart attacks in 1 of 500 patients… and causes serious internal bleeding in 1 of 500 patients.

For every person helped, one is hurt!

Another study of middle-aged women found 12 cases of bleeding problems – including two or three so severe they would require hospitalization – for every single life saved.

No wonder even the FDA says you’d have to be crazy to take this for primary prevention!

Don’t be crazy, because there are better, safer ways to get the blood-thinning benefits of aspirin WITHOUT the risks – and you can start with the basics.

The omega-3 fatty acids you’ll find in delicious fatty fish are a natural blood thinner, but do it far more gently so you don’t face the risk of a dangerous aspirin bleed.

Will it extend your life? You bet it will – and not just by a measly four months. A 2013 study found folks with the highest blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids lived more than TWO YEARS longer!

Now THAT’s the ticket to good living, friend.

The folks in that study got their omega-3s from fish. You’ll also find these fatty acids in grass-fed beef and walnuts.

But don’t stop there.

Tomorrow, I’m going to bring you a simple secret that could protect your heart, prevent cancer and add YEARS to your life… and you’re not going to believe what it is.

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