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Feds reject real science for ‘real-world’ hearsay

The U.S. government is about to give the drug industry its biggest Christmas present ever, in the form of the “21st Century Cures Act.”

It’s a law that will FORCE the FDA to approve MORE drugs… FASTER than ever… with even LESS evidence to back them up.

It will make the agency consider “real-world evidence,” which is a classic case of corporate double-speak — because this actually is the complete opposite of true scientific evidence!

It’s being called “real-world evidence,” but don’t be fooled by the name, my friend.

This is pure Big Pharma fantasy!

Instead of relying only on randomized clinical trials — the “gold standard” of scientific research — the new law will force the FDA to accept easily manipulated data from sources such as patient centers and observational studies for required post-market analyses.

And that’s hardly the only problem with this bill.

The FDA will also be forced to accept “data summaries,” a.k.a. the CliffsNotes version of the data, instead of all the key details they need for good decisions.

Drug companies will even be allowed to market off-label uses of drugs to insurance companies — something strictly forbidden up until now, because “off-label” means the drug has NOT been approved for those conditions.

Even the part of the bill getting the biggest headlines is a huge joke — and that’s the so-called “cancer moonshot.”

Supposedly, the bill sets aside BILLIONS to finally cure cancer.

Sound good? It’s another lie!

While the Big Pharma giveaways are permanently encoded into the bill, the cancer cash will have to be reapproved every single year. Very little of that cash has actually been set aside with a guarantee.

And if you trust them to make sure the money gets approved AND goes to the right places, well, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

This bill has the full support of both political parties and the president, so it WILL become the law, and there’s not much you or I can do to stop that part of it.

But there IS something else you can do.

You can protect yourself from the worst this law will throw your way by doing exactly what you’re doing right now. You’re already skeptical of every “cutting-edge” new drug, even when your doc is starry-eyed over these supposed “breakthroughs.”

Of course he is — he’s getting regular visits from the drug company sales team.

You’ve got something else in your corner: You’re getting regular visits from the Daily Dose, helping you to cut through the bull and learning what works and what’s bunk.

Keep at it. Do your own homework, become an informed patient and make your own decisions with the help of a skilled and experienced naturopathic medical doctor.

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