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The secret to keeping your strength

It’s funny, but no matter how old you get, you’re never too old for mom’s advice.

You could be a parent, grandparent, or even a great-grandparent yourself — but when it comes down to it, you can’t top the time-tested wisdom you learned from her way back when.

Now, the latest research confirms one of the first things she ever taught you: If you want to get big and strong, you’ve got to drink your milk!

You don’t have to be a kid to follow that one, because the new study shows how milk proteins are absolutely CRITICAL for older folks.

Yes, my friend, if you want to save your strength as you age, forget lifting weights.

Lift a carton of milk instead!

In the new study, healthy and active older men who were NOT regular exercisers were put through the paces of some strength tests in the legs.

Then, they were given a special drink made mostly of milk proteins.

Sure enough, after drinking this protein blend, the muscles were able to pull out the amino acids they need for “protein turnover,” which is how your muscles rebuild themselves.

It’s a process that can short-circuit in older folks, which is why we often struggle with muscle loss as we age — and why too many seniors now face debilitating weakness from conditions such as frailty and sarcopenia.

That said, the new study has two flaws.

First, instead of just giving the seniors plain old milk, they were given a blend of the proteins from milk provided by the chemical company DuPont.

And second, that blend included soy protein.

No doubt this is because DuPont is now second only to Monsanto in agribusiness with massive investments in soy — and they would LOVE for their proteins to be blended with milk and sold at a huge markup.

You can skip all that nonsense. This blend contained only 25 percent soy protein, and the rest came from milk: 50 percent caseinate and 25 percent whey.

Those dairy proteins activate what’s known as the mammalian target of rapamycin, or mTOR. I’m sure you’ve never heard of mTOR. Heck, your own doc may have never heard of it — but that’s what causes your muscles to suck up protein and pull out the amino acids they need to grow and recover.

The same study found that when soy comes calling, mTOR won’t even answer the door.

So if you want stronger muscle — as I’m sure you do — forget the tricks, the protein shakes, and especially the soy.

Follow mom’s advice. Drink MILK, ideally so fresh you can still hear the moo.

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