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Stop functional decline and keep independent

As you get older, it gets easier and easier to stay in.

Going out is expensive, and it’s a huge pain in the you-know-what. Besides, you’ve got everything you need at home… so why put up with the hassle?

I’ll tell you why: New research shows that getting out and getting engaged can turbocharge your brain!

Your noggin is like a classic Corvette. Take it out for a spin regularly and keep it maintained, and that old steel beast will outlast you.

Leave it up on bricks in the yard, and it’ll turn into a rusty old home for spiders and squirrels.

So, you’ve got to keep your brain off the bricks, too. Get out and socialize – whether it’s a regular hand of poker with your buddies, joining a club, or taking up a social hobby – because the new study finds it’ll help power the parts of your brain you need to hang on to your everyday function.

Functional decline isn’t simply more inconveniences in life.

Less function means less independence… and less independence means you could get booted out of the comfort of your own home and locked up in some “care facility.”

Sounds miserable, right?

Especially if you’re alone at home these days, get out and force yourself to engage a little.

For women, hobbies that require socializing or joining a club at a senior center boosted the odds they’d be able to keep performing their own daily functions – including the basics, like eating and showering.

For the guys, it was clubs that mattered most.

Maybe change the name of “Poker Night” to “Poker Club” and you’re set.

The study looked at social activities like those clubs and hobbies, but those are just some examples. I’m sure getting out and dealing with everyday nonsense – like doing your own shopping – will also keep you engaged.

Yes, dealing with NONSENSE can actually be GOOD for you (just don’t put up with too much of it, because you don’t want NONSENSE to turn into STRESS).

So, whether it’s at the Bingo Hall or your local mall, being forced to talk to others… take care of everyday situations… count and handle money… and more will all keep your brain and body operating at full steam.

No one says you have to be a social butterfly if that’s not in your nature. You can play class curmudgeon if you want – the important thing is that you’re there, you’re present, and you’re engaged.

It’ll keep your inner Corvette humming and the engine free of cobwebs.

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