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Do THIS to guard against cancer’s robot army

You know the score: Some cancers aren’t worth working yourself up over… while others are deadlier than a bullet.

Lung cancer’s in that second category.

It’s the nation’s Number One killer cancer, responsible for nearly 160,000 deaths every year.

When you’re fighting this cancer, you’re going to WAR – and, despite what you’ve heard, it’s one you can WIN.

But you won’t stand a chance if you hand that tumor a weapon it can use against you!

You wouldn’t do that on purpose, of course. But you could be doing it RIGHT NOW without even realizing it, because new research shows how one of the most common sleep disorders is a lung tumor’s best friend.

It’s called sleep apnea, and it’s a terrifying condition where you stop breathing in the night.

Apnea is hard on your body, cutting off oxygen and starving vital organs.

But it’s an absolute gift to lung tumors!

Experiments on mice show that as oxygen is cut off, the body begins cranking out something called “exosomes.”

Those are little couriers we all have, carrying proteins, fats, and other stuff between cells – most of the time.

But the ones produced during apnea episodes seem to do something a little different. They get hijacked by the tumor, forced to haul whatever the cancer needs to grow.

They become like a robot army, working relentlessly against you from the inside.

Think that’s bad? That’s not the bad part!

Here it is: The exosomes not only help cancer cells to replicate more rapidly, they also help those cells to bust through the endothelial barrier.

That’s the all-important defense mechanism in your blood vessels that allows only certain cells to move through the body.

If it’s working well, it can block out cancer cells, which will stop the disease from spreading through your lymphatic system.

But those exosomes help cancer cells march right through… making it more likely the disease will spread… and more likely that it’ll KILL you.

These were experiments on mice, but the researchers also pulled exosomes out of human cancer patients with sleep apnea and found evidence that the same process was working behind the scenes.

It’s an outcome you can avoid – but the time to get started is NOW, before any cancer has a chance to take hold inside your body.

And you can do it, because in most cases, apnea has a simple solution: Drop a few pounds.

This sleep disorder is usually caused by obesity, and usually cured by losing the weight. Your nighttime breathing problems will fade away like a bad dream – and if cancer ever strikes, you’ll be armed and ready for battle.

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