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This crazy fad could leave you howling in pain

We all know that one person who’s just crazy about yoga, don’t we?

Doesn’t matter how old they get, you can still spot them in those ridiculous pants, lugging around a rolled-up piece of foam.

Those mats are like walking billboards: LOOK AT ME! I DO YOGA!

Maybe they won’t be so proud when they’re walking around with a knee brace – because that could be where they’re headed as the latest research shows yoga packs a much higher injury risk than most folks think.

And that risk, of course is HIGHEST in seniors!

Folks over the age of 65 are THREE TIMES more likely to suffer injuries requiring emergency room treatment than younger yoga nuts.

Think that’s bad? It gets worse: Seniors are FIVE TIMES more likely to suffer painful yoga injuries than folks under the age of 44.

Your “downward dog” could leave you howling in pain!

The new study makes it seem like the overall injury risk is low, with just 58 ER visits for every 100,000 seniors… or an injury rate slightly higher than 1 for every 2,000 seniors who do all that chanting and stretching.

But remember, these are just EMERGENCY-level injuries.

Thousands – maybe tens of thousands – of others suffer from minor aches and pains and more serious damage that may not lead to an ER trip per se but could warrant a visit to a doctor’s office.

And if you’re a little older and suffer from a knee or hip injury, you might not go to the ER right away… but you could eventually end up in the OR facing surgery to fix whatever that yoga broke.

Why risk all that when you don’t have to?

There are “benefits” of yoga, but they’re not from the yoga part of the equation.

They don’t come from the candles, poses, chanting, or incense – they come from the stretches, which can help keep you limber and your blood flowing and may even help ease chronic pain in the back and other parts of the body.

You don’t need to fork over a pile of cash to a yogi to learn how to stretch.

Heck, the only “guru” you really need is Google. Just visit the search engine and look up “stretching for seniors.”

If you’re nursing old injuries or damage in a knee or hip, talk to your doc – he might even have some printouts that’ll show you what you can do safely.

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