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How your doc can make depression WORSE

I know it’s tough for some people to believe, but there are plenty of folks out there who aren’t in the holiday spirit – and they’re not all Grinches, Grouches, and Scrooges.

They’re depressed!

That’s serious business any time of year. But it can be far worse around the holidays, when we’re reminded of those who are no longer with us.

These are folks in DESEPERATE need of help – but when they visit a doc, they get something else instead.

They get DRUGS that can KILL them!

New research exposes the ugly truth about antidepressant drugs, showing how these meds can actually make your depression seem like a bottomless black hole.

The drugs themselves might not kill you, but the new analysis of 13 studies finds they could cause your condition to worsen so much that you might kill yourself.

I know that sounds bonkers.

Antidepressants that can cause suicide would be like a seatbelt that catapulted you through the windshield of your car.

Well, friend, it’s true. Antidepressants can actually DOUBLE the risk of the kinds of mood changes that can lead to violence and even suicide.

Now, we’ve seen this risk before… and Big Pharma has downplayed it every time.

They’ve claimed it’s not the drugs, it’s that some people are so down they can’t be helped.

Yes, they’re scapegoating desperate patients!

But the new study kicks that tired old line right out the door – because it didn’t look at badly depressed patients. It didn’t even look at mildly depressed patients.

Instead, to see just what these drugs do to mood entirely on their own, the researchers focused on the HEALTHY patients in 13 studies.

And in these folks – people who were NOT depressed – antidepressants doubled the odds of behaviors often seen as leading up to suicide and violence, including an uptick in nervous and anxious behavior.

As a result, the researchers say Big Pharma’s bogus safety claims have led to “potentially lethal misconceptions” about the drugs – because clearly, they’re not as safe as we’ve been told.

If you’ve got depression, it might seem like you’ve got no way out – especially this time of year, with everyone celebrating all around you.

But there’s ALWAYS a way.

First, stick to the basics: As crummy as you might feel, don’t shun friends and loved ones. Get CLOSER to them instead.

And second, instead of swallowing Big Pharma drugs, give your brain a natural boost. Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and curcumin can all help lift your mood.

Some of them work as effectively as meds but without the risks – and along with chasing away the clouds of depression, all three can also help protect your heart, too.

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