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Eat this for better blood sugar control

Sugar and fat – does it get any worse than that?

The way your doc talks, you’d think they were the Bonnie and Clyde of foods – partners in a deadly crime wave, using disease instead of bullets to kill Americans.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

They’re not partners.

They’re enemies, and the latest research shows again how one can save you from the other.

Eating more of the best fats – specifically, the ones that come with plenty of delicious protein – can help cut blood sugar levels.

This isn’t some general long-term benefit. The study didn’t look at thousands of people over dozens of years and find that folks who eat more protein tend to have lower blood sugar.

No, they went a step beyond that.

They looked at the IMMEDIATE effects of what you eat on the body and found that eating fatty proteins can go to work on blood sugar control almost instantly.

In the study, folks were given a piece of white bread along with various other foods.

In most cases, the white bread did just what you’d expect: It caused blood sugar to jump, because empty carbs are pretty much sugar once you start digesting them.

But not when a fatty protein entered a picture.

When folks ate some tuna, the digestion of the white bread slowed to a crawl so that the sugar trickled into the blood slowly rather than rushing in at once.

That allows your body to handle it with less insulin – and over time, that means you’re less likely to battle insulin resistance,

Of course, the researchers didn’t come out and admit the fats played any role here. They did more tip-toeing around the issue than a ballerina.

In fact, they claimed fats have nothing to do with it, because a set of patients given a pure “fat” dish had no change on blood sugar.

What was that fat? A pat of butter.

I kid you not. You have to wonder, were these people just told to gnaw on the butter, or did they at least get to put it on that slice of bread?

Either way, it misses the point. Fat and protein usually go hand in hand, like in the tuna in the study, which is a great source of both healthy proteins and delicious fats – NOT butter, which is high in fat but low in protein.

The real lesson of course isn’t to eat tuna on white. It’s to avoid the bread and other carbs completely, but eat plenty of balanced foods rich in both fats and proteins for maximum blood sugar control.

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