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Cholesterol injection could wreck you for MONTHS!

Here we go again with the cholesterol drugs.

Statins have mostly gone generic, which means Big Pharma isn’t making big bucks off the meds anymore.

You’d think they would move on to finally working on a CURE for a REAL disease – or some therapies that actually WORK for a change, instead of leaving patients sicker.

They could cook up new and better cancer treatments! They could develop a dementia med that does something to STOP and REVERSE the memory loss that marks the disease!

They could even help the millions of Americans struggling with diabetes to finally BEAT the disease – and not just “manage” it with sickening meds that do little to stop the damage.

But… NOPE!!!! They’re not doing any of that, of course.

There’s no real money in CURING, diseases since folks wouldn’t need their drugs anymore.

So, they’re busily concocting brand-new cholesterol drugs, like the one that’s already making headlines, called inclisiran.

It’s an injection you’re only supposed to get two or three times a year, but don’t get too excited. You don’t get to choose an occasional shot or a daily pill, because this thing isn’t a replacement for your statin.

It’s in ADDITION to – because that’s what you were hoping for, right? Just one more drug to worry about?

Supposedly, getting a shot every few months along with taking your statin will cut LDL levels by 60 percent, compared to a statin alone.

This isn’t worth celebrating. Not long ago, even mainstream guidelines considered those levels to be far too low.

Today, it’s a game of “how low can you go,” as targets keep dropping – and it’s not for the sake of healthier patients.

It’s for healthier PROFITS.

You can’t meet many of those ultra-low targets naturally. You NEED a drug, especially if you’re a little older and terrified by your doc’s doomsday lectures on cholesterol control.

But what you get from cholesterol meds isn’t the promise of lower heart risk. It’s serious and even severe side effects – and the injection could be even WORSE when it comes to risks.

The research team claims the drug has similar side effects to statins. But when you suffer from, say, SEVERE and DEBILITATING muscle pain, at least you can quit the statin and, in most cases, feel better fast.

With an injection, there could be no stopping it. This thing lasts four to six months… and that means you could be in absolute agony for the entire time.

That’s not a treatment.

That’s a nightmare!

And that’s just one risk. So far, statins have been linked to “brain fog” including memory loss, sex problems, and more – and long-term use can actually CAUSE diabetes.

Adding this injection to the mix could just speed up those risks!

Maybe it’s time for a new approach – one where you stop stressing over cholesterol. Get the truth about LDL in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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