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The nasty germs hiding in plain sight

As the kids would say… EWWWWW!!!!

Everything around you is positively filthy – and the old saying about “dirty money” is more true that you probably thought, especially if it comes from the ATM.

Turns out cash machines are filled with more than cash.

They’re lousy with germs, crawling with bugs, and covered in filth!

A new analysis of ATMs around New York City finds a whole host of things all over those little push-button keypads – and trust me, you don’t want to be touching any of them.

The most common germs found were skin microbes, or the little bugs we all have crawling around on us.

Those are generally harmless, although the thought of swapping skin with hundreds of strangers can give you the willies.

But they’re not always harmless… especially if you have a compromised immune system.

And that’s not all the researchers found on those keypads.

Number two on the list? This one’s going to gross you out: fish, mollusks, and chicken.

Basically, people are leaving tiny bits of their lunch on the cash machines.


Because it’s from FOOD, some of it’s gone bad – so the researchers also found icky mold.

If you’ve got an allergy problem, then getting cash from an ATM can expose you to some of the very microbes you’ve been trying to avoid.

The study was in New York, but don’t assume the ATMs in your little burg are better.

People are people. And, if you’ve been out in public watching them lately, it’s pretty clear that people are filthy (but not you, of course).

Even if the ATM had just been rubbed down in alcohol before you used it, you’re still not in the clear… because the cash coming out is crawling with a microscopic layer of nasty bugs, illegal drugs, and dangerous chemicals.

Germs in particular love money more than Scrooge; a single dollar bill can contain some 3,000 filthy microbes.

And they don’t just live there – they THRIVE there.

The flu virus can live on most surfaces – like an escalator rail or doorknob – for 48 hours, long enough to make plenty of people sick.

But on money?

It can live for 17 DAYS!

And if that’s not bad enough, handling cash can give you a shot of female hormones. One study found BPS – an estrogen-like chemical similar to the BPA I know you’re trying to avoid – on 87 percent of U.S. paper currency.

Remember that next time you’ve got your hands full and you hold that dollar bill between your teeth.

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