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Sprained your ankle? DON’T do this!

No matter what goes wrong on any given day, there’s a whole industry standing by to make a buck off your misfortune.

You can’t stub your toe without someone reaching into your pockets — and if that’s an exaggeration, it’s only a slight one.

Used to be if you sprained an ankle, you were told to “walk it off.” Then they said DON’T walk it off, but rest it instead.

THEN they started added everything from special wraps to heat packs… followed by physical therapy.

Yes, physical therapy — where you or your insurer are billed in 15-minute increments by a rehab specialist — for a little old sprained ankle.

Overkill? You bet it is!

And now, the latest research proves it, finding that you DON’T need physical therapy to overcome a sprained ankle.

That’s right. They actually had to do a study on this.

What’s next — research to “prove” you don’t need a plastic surgeon for a papercut?

The new study was done in sports-crazy Canada, where they know a thing or two about ankle injuries.

Some 500 patients with mild or moderate ankle injuries were either given some common-sense advice on how to handle it or put through the time, trouble, and expense of physical therapy.

Six months later, the folks who had the PT described their recovery as “excellent.”

But guess what? So did everyone else!

These weren’t just young and healthy kids bouncing back from hockey injuries. The study covered just about every age group, from teens to folks pushing 80.

Clearly, in most cases, physical therapy is completely unnecessary.

Obviously, some sprains are worse than others. You don’t need a specialist to figure that out; you’ll know it the moment you try to walk on the thing and collapse in tears from the pain.

So, sure, there are times when you might need a little more help than others.

For the rest, DON’T “walk it off” — but DO give it some basic TLC. Ice it, and keep off your feet a little while, ideally keeping it raised and with a compression wrap.

You’ll be back on your feet and back in action in no time!

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