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Cure your respiratory infection WITHOUT drugs

We’ve reached THAT time of year.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll run into your share of folks battling the misery of a nasty respiratory infection.

You know, the one with the hacking… the wheezing… the coughing… and the sneezing?

You might even pick one up yourself, especially if some rude you-know-what hacks right in your face.

Visit the doctor, and he might not even look at you. Once he hears your cough, it’s off to the prescription pad for an antibiotic.

But don’t swallow that pill just yet, my friend, because the latest research shows how you DON’T need antibiotics for the most common infections this time of year.

Taking a drug to make the infection better is like taking a drug in the middle of the night to make the sun rise.

Sure, the drug will “work” – if you give it five hours!

It’s the same deal with those infections. You’ll be cured either way… with or without the drug… in the same amount of time.

The new study focused on those nasty lower respiratory infections – the ones deep in your chest that have you hacking so much you half-expect to fire out a hairball.

Some of these infections are viral, which means the drugs won’t do a thing for them. Others are caused by bacteria – and, in theory, the drugs should cure them.

But guess what?

Those meds didn’t speed recovery times by so much as a minute in most patients. A full 93 percent of the time, patients sent home WITHOUT drugs were cured just as effectively and within just as much time as those who took the meds.

So, unless you’re a high-risk patient where any infection can rapidly turn into a life-or-death battle, ask your doc if you can take a wait-and-see approach before taking antibiotics.

Some docs will strike a deal: Take the prescription, but don’t fill it right away. If you don’t get better within a few days, THEN head to the pharmacy and take the darn meds.

Of course, the best infection is the one you never got… and if you arm your immune system, you can take a sneeze to the face and not get sick.

Vitamin D3 supplements of 4,000 IU per day will cut your risk of needing antibiotics for respiratory infections by 63 percent, according to one study – and even reduce symptoms by a quarter if you do get sick.

This powerful natural hormone can also cut your risk of everything from the worst flu to the common cold.

Learn more about the benefits of the “sunshine vitamin” in this free report from my Daily Dose archives.

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