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Arthritis supplement beats drug in new study

I don’t know what you gave thanks for yesterday… but right near the top of my list is gratitude for the fact that I’m not living with knee pain.

I’m reminded of that every holiday dinner, when I see a cousin of mine who isn’t quite as lucky as I am.

He’s practically crippled by arthritis from a rough-and-tumble career in the service.

And because he’s a good solider, he NEVER questions his doctor’s orders.

Well, friend, if you’re living with knee pain, it’s high time you start asking questions and demanding answers – because new research PROVES those doctor’s orders are practically a guarantee of MORE pain and YEARS of endless misery!

This study put the go-to drug that docs dish out for arthritis patients up against a natural therapy you’ve read about right here in the Daily Dose.

Researchers put chondroitin supplements up against the drug celecoxib (a.k.a. Celebrex). Over two years, the folks who took the chondroitin lost LESS cartilage – especially in the medial compartment.

In plain talk, that “compartment” is a key part of the knee – and damage there in particular is a key marker of how fast the disease is progressing inside your knee.

The more cartilage you lose in your medial compartment, the more likely you’ll find yourself scheduling knee replacement surgery.

But if you take chondroitin, it looks like you can put that appointment off – maybe for good.

And that’s not all. This stuff was not only better for saving what’s left of your cartilage, it also matched the drug in just about every way possible: They had similar improvements in pain, stiffness, overall function, and quality of life.

The only true difference is that celecoxib comes with a much higher risk of side effects, including heart problems.

And that’s just one of the reasons why millions of Americans are thankful for the supplement chondroitin – not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.

They don’t just use this stuff – they SWEAR by it and DEPEND on it for relief of the sheer agony caused by osteoarthritis of the knees.

But despite that proven track record, most mainstream doctors will tell you that chondroitin does nothing.

Surprise, surprise – the new study shows they’re wrong, once and for all.

So, we have chondroitin winning in every way – but that’s not even the half of it! As good as this stuff is, it’s not a solo act.

It works best when you take it with glucosamine. The two double-team arthritis, hitting the disease where it hurts so you don’t feel pain.

Together, they can slow the loss of cartilage inside your knees and fight painful inflammation, giving you something you can truly be thankful for all year long.

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