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Read THIS before your next painkiller dose

Big Pharma just got an early Christmas present.

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines by now. A painkiller everyone assumed to be risky… one you might be avoiding yourself… is safer than a newborn kitten.

But whatever you do, don’t rush out to stock up on Celebrex just yet – because when it comes to painkillers, “safety” is relative!

All the study REALLY proves is that NSAID painkillers in general – including celecoxib, a.k.a. Celebrex – are a heckuva lot more dangerous than you probably assumed.

I know that’s not what the headlines say.

But once you dig into the details, the ugly truth is revealed: Folks who take regular prescription doses of these meds face serious and, in some cases, DEADLY risks.

The real “news” the mainstream is celebrating is that the study proves celecoxib isn’t as deadly as Vioxx, the painkiller blamed for some 38,000 deaths.

But don’t kid yourself.

Maybe it’s no Vioxx… but it’s no kitten, either, and neither are the other NSAID drugs out there being used in prescription-strength doses.

In fact, the rate of complications is downright staggering.

Over the course of 30 months – about two and a half years – 2.3 percent of Celebrex patients suffered a severe cardiovascular problem including stroke, heart attack, or death.

That’s more than 1 in 50!

That might make the drug safer than Vioxx, but it sure as heck doesn’t make it SAFE, by any stretch!

And the two other drugs in the study, naproxen and ibuprofen, actually had slightly HIGHER rates!

Can you imagine what the feds would do if a NATURAL anti-inflammatory killed 1 in 50 of the people who took it?

There wouldn’t just be a recall – Congress would be investigating it like it’s the new Benghazi!

These drugs, however, are being celebrated… simply for not being quite as terrible as they feared.

You just can’t make this stuff up – and as bad as that risk is, it’s not the only one uncovered by the new study. All three drugs can also cause gastrointestinal complications, such as ulcers and intestinal bleeding, and all three can damage the kidneys.

It’s nuts to face those risks when you don’t have to. And in most cases, you absolutely DON’T have to – because no one should be on a prescription painkiller for as long as 30 months.

If you’re battling chronic pain, drugs will only cover it up – while the cause of that pain goes untreated. That, in turn, can make the pain WORSE, causing you to take MORE pain pills for a LONGER period!

It’s the worst sort of vicious cycle – and it’s time to spin yourself out of that trap.

I’m going to help you get started with a simple way to fight one common form of pain, coming up later today.

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