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Seasonal Affective SCAM!

If you’re dreading the holidays for more than just another awkward dinner with the in-laws… if you hate the approach of winter because you battle a nasty form of depression that follows the calendar every year… I’ve got some good news for you today.

You’re NOT alone!

Between 10 and 15 million Americans battle the most serious form of seasonal affective disorder, and millions more have a milder form of the condition.

But if you’re hoping to get a little help, then I’ve got some bad news.

Odds are… you’re being SCAMMED!

Reports in the media across the country are urging Americans to “recognize” the warning signs and “seek help” if they think they might have SAD.

I know that sounds like standard advice, and I certainly don’t want to stand between anyone and “help.”

But what they WON’T tell you is that you’re unlikely to get that help from a doctor!

Because while this condition has a simple solution, the medical mainstream is raking in BILLIONS by exploiting your misery and pushing pricey treatments that could leave you even more wrecked.

Visit a doc for SAD and odds are, you’ll walk out with a prescription for a med – including off-label antidepressants that aren’t even approved for the condition.

Why mess around with that stuff when you don’t have to? And trust me, you absolutely DON’T have to, since you’ve got two options here.

One’s free, and the other’s cheap – and for the absolute best results, combine both into one SAD super-fighter.

First up is the sun.

It’s stunning how docs don’t recommend this OBVIOUS treatment – but since the condition is caused by a lack of sun exposure, making a greater effort to get out under it can help to reverse it.

Spend at least 30 minutes out when the sun is at its highest. It’s the perfect excuse for a brisk walk at lunchtime.

Of course, you can’t always get out under the sun, especially if it’s hiding behind some clouds, so your section option is to get the sun to come to you.

A therapeutic light box mimics the rays of the sun and gives your brain the stimulation it needs to crank out the feel-good neurotransmitters you’re missing.

Studies show it’s more effective than most meds – just watch out, because even here they’ll try to scam you: Make sure you get a quality box equipped with a full-spectrum bulb of 10,000 lux.

Use it for 30 minutes a day, ideally in the morning, and you might never be SAD again.

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