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Being blocked up can kill your kidneys

There’s nothing worse than when your number one problem is Number Two.

While some folks end up running to the toilet like they’re training for the 50-yard dash, others have the kind of problem that only begins once they’re sitting on the porcelain throne.

You know what I’m talking about – when you’re clogged worse than the bathroom pipes after Uncle Ernie’s Thanksgiving visit.

At least having “the runs” gives you some temporary relief. Constipation, on the other hand, is agony on a whole new level.

It’s like being punched in the gut!

But as bad as that pain can be, there’s something far worse – because new research shows how chronic constipation can damage another part of your body.

And if you’re battling this condition yourself, it’s time to take it on and get it under control before it’s too late – because it turns out constipation can put you on the path toward kidney disease and even kidney failure.

Here’s the reason: Constipation is a sign your gut is so far out of whack it might’ve voted for Jill Stein.

The bacteria you need to digest food have taken a hike, and they’ve been replaced by party animals that don’t care what happens to your food.

So, digestion slows to a crawl, food and waste start to pile up, and you get… well, you know what you get.

That leads to the obvious problems like painful cramps and an inability to “go.” But it also causes inflammation to flare up – which spreads like wildfire to the surrounding areas, including your poor kidneys.

They want nothing to do with the mess in your gut.

But they get pulled in anyway – and the more often you’re constipated, the more they suffer from that inflammation.

As a result, chronic constipation will boost your odds of kidney disease by 13 percent and of kidney failure by 9 percent.

I don’t think you need any extra motivation to want to ease your constipation. Even without the kidney risk, this isn’t exactly a condition that’s easy to ignore.

But since most folks are too shy to talk to a doc about it, they end up gobbling over-the-counter fiber supplements until they’re more bloated than a Thanksgiving parade balloon.

Who needs it?

As the study shows, the problem is bacteria – so instead of loading up on fiber, boost your bacteria.

There are three great ways you can do it: fresh yogurt, raw milk, and probiotic supplements.

If you go the supplement route, do some homework. A lot of what’s out there is garbage, so be sure to buy a quality blend from a maker you trust.

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