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This mineral can DESTROY diabetes

Think having diabetes is bad? It is, but there’s something even worse — and that’s being both a diabetic AND a vegetarian.

It’s exactly the opposite of what your body’s crying out for, denying yourself the essential fats and nutrients you need to keep healthy, protect your heart, and fight off the ravages of the disease.

Now, the latest research shows how one critical nutrient that’s almost nonexistent in the bunny chow diet could play the biggest role of all in bringing diabetes under control.

And if you want to beat this disease yourself — as I know you do — it’s time to THINK ZINC!

The new review of 14 studies finds that the lower your levels of this essential mineral, the higher your risk of heart problems — including heart attack — and even death.

That’s not even the scary part.

Ready for it?

Here it is: The “low” levels in the study are completely within the NORMAL range!

They’re at the lower end of the scale, but any doc who does your bloodwork won’t so much as blink at the levels the new study finds to be so dangerous.

If your levels drop below 14.1 micromole per liter, your risk of heart attack jumps by 37 percent. And if those levels fall below 11.9, your risk of death from heart problems jumps as well.

Different organizations have different ideas on what the “normal” range for zinc is. But most are between 10 and 20 — meaning both of these levels are supposed to be right in the sweet spot.

Turns out there’s nothing sweet about it.

Zinc is essential to everyone. But it’s especially critical to diabetics, because it helps the beta cells in your pancreas pump out insulin.

Less zinc means less insulin… and less insulin means less control over your blood sugar.

That leads to worsening diabetes and everything that comes along for the ride — as the new study published in the journal Nutrients shows.

Along with helping to produce insulin and protect the heart, zinc is critical to your immune system. You also need it for mood and memory, and it even helps keep things cooking in the bedroom.

Don’t take supplements willy-nilly, as too much can be as bad as too little.

But DO get tested, especially if you’re diabetic. And if you’re low, it’s time to get cracking on bringing those levels up.

Your best natural source of zinc is grass-fed beef and lamb, but you’ll also find it in much lower amounts in spinach, asparagus, pumpkin seeds, and cashew nuts.

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