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Prostate cancer surgeries down

Why your urologist is royally ticked off right now


Prostate surgeries are down, and urologists are shedding tears… but it’s not for you.

It’s for their bank accounts!

These crooks have made millions — probably BILLIONS, once you add it all up — through years of using fear over prostate cancer to con men into surgeries they never needed.

Now, the new numbers are out. Men have smartened up, and surgeries are down.

Five years ago, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force finally hit the bullseye and urged guys to stop getting PSA tests willy-nilly.

This was long overdue; PSA tests cut the lifetime risk of cancer by a measly 2.4 percent. Almost

ALL of the tumors they detect are the harmless slow-growing cancers that pose no threat at all.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

But urologists didn’t share that little caveat with their patients.

Nope. They lined their pockets with the cash of panicked men who thought that tumor was a life-or-death emergency.

Now that men have gotten wise to that act and are avoiding PSA tests, surgeries are down, down, down.

The number of radical prostatectomies dropped by 16 percent since 2012 — and urologists are panicking.

The new study — done by UROLOGISTS of course — claims this is a dangerous trend that could cost lives.

But guess what? They can’t present a single number to back that up!

They claim it’s too soon to tell (although apparently not too soon to start whining about it), but that’s another fib: Studies show guys with prostate cancer who DON’T have surgery usually die of just about anything else!

So, surgery won’t save your life. But it WILL ruin it, with the most humiliating side effects you can imagine, including impotence and incontinence.

It’s not just the surgeries that are down.

Biopsies are also down by 29 percent. Urologists rely on those procedures for some quick and easy cash — but these aren’t harmless tests.

They can cause serious and even deadly infection (think of where they have to past through before reaching the prostate). And if you have a small, harmless tumor in there, poking it with a needle can cause it to “wake up” by allowing cancer cells to spread.

The best action you can take for your prostate is usually no action at all; it’s a classic case of what you don’t know not hurting you.

And if you want to really slash your risk of ever facing this form of cancer, don’t head to the urologist.

Head to your local donut shop!

Walk right past the donuts and order the biggest size coffee they have — because Harvard researchers say daily java can not only cut the risk of prostate cancer, it can also slash your risk of getting the deadliest form of the disease.

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