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Astaxanthin is an all-natural stress-buster

An all-natural stress-buster, just in time for the holidays

This is it, friend. The calm before the storm — because starting next week, it’s gonna get crazy.

Before that last bit of turkey is eaten, it starts.

You know what I’m talking about: the absolute madness of the Christmas season. What used to be a time for family is now a time so many people dread.

Stores are crowded… people are cranky… and at some point, you’ll be forced to sit next to your brother-in-law.

How the heck will we make it to January???

Get your hands on nature’s stress-buster — because new research shows how a natural compound called astaxanthin can help melt away stress and anxiety and ease fatigue.

In other words, it’s EXACTLY what you need this time of year!

The new study out of Japan put this stuff to the test against exactly what you’re facing right now: the stress and fatigue of everyday life just wearing you the heck down.

But over eight weeks, astaxanthin supplements practically wiped it away, helping folks pass tests of both physical and mental stress.

Folks who took the supplements were sharper and clearer, and they had better concentration, more motivation, and a better mood.

They were even less likely to end up cranky and irritated.

This wasn’t just a subjective feeling. The folks were tested for cortisol, the “stress hormone” your body cranks out when you’re facing nonsense, irritation, annoyance, and trouble.

And it turns out the ones given the supplements had lower levels than those who took a placebo.

Think that’s good? That’s not all this stuff can do. Along with easing tension, stress, and fatigue, it can help protect your vision, brain, and heart — and it can even fight the damage of age.

The only real problem is getting it.

Astaxanthin is a pigment that gives fish like wild salmon that lovely pink color that gets your mouth watering.

But there’s something FISHY about that pink color in supermarket salmon. It’s not there because of the astaxanthin… because it’s DYE!

Farmed fish are so low in nutrition that they’re a pale and sickly color — practically a sign that screams “DON’T EAT ME.” To get that eye-catching shade of pink, they’re fed dye pellets.

So if you want this stuff, don’t trust your eyes — trust your favorite supplement maker. You’ll find astaxanthin available both on its own and as part of an antioxidant blend.

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