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What your spouse’s stress does to YOU

Once you say your vows, you’re not just partners in crime anymore.

You’re partners in absolutely everything.

Heck, I know a couple that even shares a toothbrush.


Maybe you don’t go that far, but you share plenty: joy, sadness, and probably a mortgage.

But there’s one thing you might not think you share as much, and that’s stress — because if you’re like most couples, one of you balances out the other whenever the going gets tough.

When one of you is a wreck… the other’s the rock.

But if you’re playing the part of the rock, new research shows how you could end up shaped like a boulder, too — because the more stressed one of you gets, the more weight the other one puts on, even if he or she isn’t feeling that stress.

How crazy is that?

Over the course of four years, older couples in long-term marriages showed a direct link between stress in one and waistline in the other.

Women were 60 percent more likely to add inches to their waistlines when their husbands were battling greater stress — especially when that stress led to trouble in the marriage.

Guys were about 10 percent more likely to see their waistlines grow when the missus had stress — and in that case, stress in the marriage itself didn’t matter a lick.

If she felt it in the nerves, he got it in the gut!

In other words, her stress is your stress, even if you think it’s not (and vice-versa). That’s tough any time of year, but it can turn what’s supposed to be the joy of the coming holidays into an exercise in misery.

One of you is stressed, the other’s gaining weight. By January, you’ll both be wrecked!

Don’t let this happen to EITHER of you.

It’s time to stop playing “wreck versus rock” and take control of this together — and whatever it is, don’t let it come between you two and the vows you made all those years back.

If one of you has stress, the other one needs to be more than a rock. Put your heads together and figure this stuff out to protect both of you.

This time of year, it could mean ditching the plans everyone else is always trying to force on you so the two of you can finally — for once — have a holiday where you do what you darn well please.

And for more on how to beat stress and fatigue this coming holiday season, keep an eye out for Wednesday’s Daily Dose.

You won’t want to miss this one!

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