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Ditch carbs today for better blood sugar control tomorrow

Just one day, that’s all it takes.

If you’re facing the risk of diabetes… if you already HAVE the disease and are desperately looking for a way to get it under control before it’s too late… there’s one step you take right now to turn it around.

And you can start enjoying the benefits within 24 hours.

It’s not a drug.

It’s not surgery.

It’s not even a natural supplement.

It’s a simple back-to-basics approach to eating — and if you get started right now, you’ll FEEL the difference in just ONE DAY!

New research shows how the low-carb diet can help improve one of your body’s single most important markers of health, and that’s your ability to handle sugar in the blood.

You know the score on that.

When sugar goes into the blood, the pancreas cranks out insulin to help pull it out. When you have too much sugar too often, the body is less responsive than a teenager with headphones — causing what’s known as insulin resistance.

In the new study, University of Michigan researchers gave older women either low-carb meals or the standard government-recommended carb-heavy diet for just one day.

And in that single day, there were major differences.

Women who ate the Nanny State diet showed all the signs of insulin resistance we’ve come to expect.

But not the gals given low-carb meals.

Within that one day — after just three delicious low-carb meals — their insulin resistance plunged by 30 percent.

The study also busts one of the biggest mainstream myths about blood sugar control, and that’s the notion that you can sweat away the damage of a carb-heavy meal.

They found exercise makes NO DIFFERENCE when it comes to insulin resistance.

In fact, exercise — even moderate exercise — actually caused blood sugar levels to jump!

Clearly, when it comes to avoiding or beating diabetes, the answer is in what you eat — and along with helping to control blood sugar levels, a low-carb diet will also help you to lose weight.

It’s so effective at weight loss that many folks find that early on, they lose as much as A POUND A DAY!

Think about that for a minute, as we head into the madness of the holidays: Everyone else will start plumping up like Santa Claus thanks to all the tempting treats and family feasts.

But not you. You’ll be SHRINKING right before their eyes!

That should be enough of a reason to get off carbs and join Team Protein… but if you want one more reason, I’ll have it for you later today.

Keep an eye on your inbox, because this one could save your life!

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