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SHOCK REPORT: American seniors are dying SOONER!

Want to live longer? Don’t call your doc.

Call your realtor and your travel agent. Tell the first one to sell your house, and the second one to get you a one-way ticket overseas!

I’m kidding, but only by half as new numbers show that the American life expectancy ISN’T increasing.

In fact… it’s SHRINKING!

Can you believe that? In the past few weeks I’ve seen reports of life expectancy jumping in every corner of the globe.

Australia? UP!

Iran? UP!

Israel? UP!

China? UP!

Even NIGERIA has seen its life expectancy jump!

But not here in the United States, as a new report finds the life expectancy of the average 65-year-old has DROPPED by six full months!

There are a number of possible reasons for the link, including an increase in suicides and alcohol poisonings.

But you don’t have to be a suicidal lush to face this early death risk — because there are some other reasons, too, like the jump in liver disease caused by a mix of crummy mainstream diet advice and organ-damaging medications.

And let’s not forget the rising death toll of Americans killed by LEGAL prescription drugs.

Put it all together, and you’ve got the perfect statistical storm.

This wasn’t some dopey academic exercise done to get some media attention, either.

These stats were calculated by folks who are financially motivated to get it right — because while researchers, doctors, and public health officials can all play funny with the numbers, there’s one set of brains who can’t afford to mess around.


They need to get it right because they work for insurance companies, pension plans, and the like — companies that need to know how long you’re likely to live so they can budget for you.

And right now, Americans are a dream come true for insurance companies and pension plans: They’re done ahead of schedule, which means they’re coming in under budget.

That’s great for them, but a raw deal for you. So, let’s bust their budget… let’s make sure you cost them a few bucks… because it’s time to make plans to live a LONGER and BETTER life.

Of course, you don’t have to sell everything and flee the country (although you might want to consider it if you-know-who wins tomorrow).

But you DO have to forget everything you’re being told by the mainstream — because that “standard” advice is the reason Americans are dropping dead ahead of schedule.

Stop worrying so much about mainstream measures of “health” like BP and cholesterol, and focus instead on what really matters — and you can start with what’s on your dinner plate.

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