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The age-fighting secret the FDA is trying to cover up

Men, there’s ONE treatment that can take the sting off aging… one proven natural therapy that can make sure you’re good as gold for your senior years.

So naturally, the FDA is fighting tooth and nail to keep it away from you!

The agency just fired off the equivalent of a James Comey letter over testosterone — and it makes this natural hormone look even guiltier than Hillary.

In it, the feds blamed testosterone for just about every possible thing that could go wrong with you.

I’m not even kidding here. It names close to 20 different “conditions” that can supposedly be caused by hormone supplements, including: “heart attack, heart failure, stroke, depression, hostility, aggression, liver toxicity, and male infertility.”


I knew there was something fishy about this “warning” the moment I read the breathless reports in the Pharma-loving lamestream media.

So, I broke out my shovel to find the REAL story that the newspapers tried to bury. I read the full warning, tucked away on the FDA’s website.

Turns out the warning doesn’t apply to any man who uses testosterone the way it’s supposed to be used.

All of those risks come from OD’ing on the stuff, like teens desperately trying to make the football team… the neckless body builders who haunt your local gym… and millionaire athletes hoping to get ‘roided up so they can play better and score bigger paychecks.

It applies only to “abuse and dependence” — but the media ran with it anyway with headlines that make it sounds as if they apply to everyone.

WebMD’s headline screamed “FDA Warns of Dangers From Testosterone Supplements”… while Newsmax went with “FDA Warns About Testosterone and Related Steroids”… and NBC News declared “FDA Steps Up Warnings for Testosterone, Other Steroids.”

So, don’t let the alarmist headlines scare you away.

As you get older, your T-levels plunge, putting you into the “danger zone” for memory loss, low energy, obesity, sexual dysfunction, and especially heart problems.

A studier earlier this year found older men with heart disease who DON’T get testosterone therapy have an 80 percent higher risk of serious heart problems. Another study this year found that testosterone therapy can cut your risk of the most aggressive form of prostate cancer in half.

If you’re a little older and haven’t had your hormone levels tested, it’s time to see how you measure up. A naturopathic medical doctor can see if your tank is running low and top you off if necessary.

I recommend working with a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine experienced in natural hormone testing and treatment.

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