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Bladder problems? You DON’T need drugs!

It’s time for another peek behind the dirtiest curtain in the world — because a new report exposes the ugly truth about the modern drug industry.

They’re not working hard to invent cures for diseases.

They’re too busy inventing the diseases instead!

This might sound like a wild conspiracy theory. But in reality, the drug industry is ALWAYS trying to sell cures for things that either don’t exist or barely exist.

Now, a new report shows how they pulled “overactive bladder” out of thin air, turning it from a minor nuisance that can be easily handled without medication into a $3 BILLION industry.

Back in 2001, two “experts” worked with the drug industry to cook up a survey that found 17 percent of adults — 33 MILLION Americans! — had “overactive bladder.”

Now, if that were true, bathrooms would have longer lines than Starbucks.

But of course it’s not true, and one of the experts just ‘fessed up and described how they concocted that number.

“If I call you up on the phone and asked if in the last month you’ve ever had a really strong desire to urinate, and you say that’s happened, then theoretically you would qualify as (having) overactive bladder,” University of Pennsylvania urologist Alan Wein admitted to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

That’s right.

If just ONE TIME you were afraid to leave the room because your team has first and goal… and if you started doing that little hop to hold it in while you wait for the commercial break… you’ve got overactive bladder!

They cooked up this whole condition, then got the FDA to approve drugs that barely work better than a placebo when even most mainstream docs will tell you “overactive bladder” needs no treatment at all.

That’s right. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

If you’re going to the bathroom a little too frequently — if you’ve got the “strong desire to urinate” often enough that it bothers you — a little weight loss can take pressure off the bladder so you can hold it in longer in most cases.

That’s IT — yet the drug industry has millions of Americans on meds for this!

This is hardly the only example.

Remember restless leg syndrome? The drug industry launched a big ad campaign to convince millions of Americans that any little twitch in the leg is a sign of RLS.

And let’s not forget the most popular drug class in the world: statins.

They’re so widely used that most people don’t realize that they do not treat a single known disease.

The lesson here? Question all these meds being shoved down your throat. You don’t need most of them, and you possibly don’t need ANY of them.

And if you want some real no-nonsense medicine, work closely with an experienced naturopathic medical doctor. I recommend a skilled member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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