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How to beat the back pain SCAM

Your doc will tell you it’s “routine.”

Complain of back pain, and if it doesn’t go away within a few days or weeks, it’s off to an imaging test you go.

What he WON’T tell you is that he’s going against the guidelines — that unless there’s a red flag for a serious injury or tumor, there’s no reason to fire up the MRI machine or zap you with a CT scan.

Yet new research shows how doctors are doing it anyway, even though most of them know they shouldn’t.

Care to guess who they’re blaming? That’s right. YOU!

Even though 97 percent of docs know the images are usually completely unnecessary, they claim they have to order them. Nearly two-thirds of docs say PATIENTS just can’t accept that they don’t need imaging tests.

Now, you might think there’s nothing wrong with a little back scan. Whether it’s the doctor or patient who wants it, what’s the harm in getting things checked out?

Let me tell you what’s wrong: PLENTY!

When a doc orders up a back scan, he’s not looking for signs of what’s causing your pain. He’s looking for dollar signs!

Once he puts the images up on the screen, he’ll point to them and mutter some gobbledegook about “slipped” or “bulging” discs or even disc “degeneration.”

Sounds serious, right?

Of course it does. That’s the point. And he’ll send you off for surgery.

But guess what?

In one study, docs X-rayed the backs of seniors with NO back pain and found those same disc problems and degenerations in 90 percent of them!

In other words, those disc “problems” that show up on the scans are often no problem at all — which is why in many cases the surgery makes little to no difference.

Little to no difference for YOU, anyway.

But it makes a big difference to your doc, who pockets big money off those procedures.

And they all start with a “routine” imaging exam because of back pain!

Well, friend, the jig is up. You know the deal know, so you can’t get conned by this little scam.

If you’ve got on-again, off-again back problems, you can usually do a whole lot better than the drugs-and-surgery routine your doc is pushing.

Chiropractic care, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage are all proven to help ease pain. Sometimes it takes a few treatments before the benefits kick in, so for some immediate relief, try Soothanol X2 from my friends and colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals.

Just a drop or two rubbed into your trouble spots can cause pain to melt away in seconds, and you can learn more right here.

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