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DEVASTATING news for vegetarians!

It’s Halloween, the favorite holiday of the vegetarians.

They don’t even need a costume!

They’re already pale and grim as a ghost because of the diet’s notoriously poor nutrition. Heck, most of them look like they just walked out of a casting call for an “Addams Family” reboot.

And if they look gloomier than usual today, it’s not because of the Halloween spirit.

It’s because they’ve just received some absolutely devastating news: It’s all for nothing!

Vegetarians put up with the moodiness… nutritional problems… low energy… hair loss… and bad gas (yup — look it up)… because they think it’s going to slash their risk of heart disease and help them live longer.

But new research shows they’ve given up life’s greatest foods for nothing.

Turns out vegetarians DON’T have better heart health!

Yes, friend, it’s just what you’ve read here in the Daily Dose over the years as the study shows how vegetarians and meat eaters have the exact same heart risk.

This wasn’t some rinky-dink little study of a handful of people tracked for weeks or months.

Nope, they went BIG with this one, examining data on some 12,000 Americans tracked for a decade. They found an almost identical heart risk in veg-heads and meat eaters.

There was an ever-so-slight difference, but the researchers say it wasn’t because of the diet.

It’s because the numbers were skewed!

Vegetarians tend to be young and female, so of course they have a lower heart risk to begin with. Once you even the score, the risk evens out and you find NO BENEFIT to going vegetarian.

So far, that looks like a draw.

But it’s not — it’s not even close to a draw, because this study tracked only heart risk. Once you look at the bigger picture of overall health, the vegetarian diet loses by every measure.

It’s low in the essential nutrients needed for everything from brain to bone, which is why vegetarians in general (and vegans especially) have a higher risk of depression, memory loss, bone breaks, and more.

There’s simply no good reason to torture yourself with this unhealthy lifestyle!

If you have vegetarian friends, it’s not too late to save them. Don’t try logic or science; they’re not convinced by any of that. But there is something proven to crack the resolve of even the most hardcore veg-head: bacon.

Just the smell can make them weak in the knees!

I’m not even joking; bacon is so notorious for converting vegetarians and vegans back into red-blooded carnivores that they even call it “the gateway meat.”

So next time they’re over, fry some up — and tell them it’s OK to step through to the other side.

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