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EXPOSED: New statin warning reveals ugly risks

It’s the ugly tactics you’d expect from a crooked used-car dealer — NOT your own doctors.

They’ll promise you the sun, the moon, and the stars today. But tomorrow — after you’ve made that deal — you learn the ugly truth.

You’ve been CONNED, because that sweetheart deal isn’t so sweet after all.

At least with the car, the worst that can happen is you’re stuck overpaying for a lemon.

When it comes to medicine, you could pay a much steeper price: YOUR LIFE!

A new warning from the American Heart Association finds the statin drugs they’ve been pushing for years — those meds that are supposed to deliver the sun, the moon, and the stars and lower heart risk — can deliver something else instead.

They can deliver an endless chain of side effects and interactions.

You already knew that, of course. But the new warning admits that in some cases the side effects aren’t a possibility.

They’re practically GUARANTEED!

Taking statins with certain other medications can lead to “unavoidable” interactions, including some that could leave you learning a new definition of the word misery.

You know that muscle pain many folks often feel after taking statins?

Take the drugs with other types of cholesterol meds, and you can experience something even worse: rhabdomyolysis.

That’s not just muscle pain — that’s muscle disintegration. It melts right into your bloodstream, and the pain is only the beginning. Your kidneys can practically choke on the muscle fiber rushing through your blood.

That can lead to kidney damage and even kidney failure.

That’s not the only fire-and-kerosene combination, either.

If you’re on the blood thinner warfarin, statins can raise the levels of the drug, increasing your risk of dangerous internal bleeding.

Clot-busters, blood pressure meds, heart failure drugs, medication for heart rhythms, and more can all UNAVOIDABLY interact with statins.

Yet the authors of this terrifying warning also had the nerve to claim that patients “shouldn’t be afraid” to take statins.

This is like telling people the ocean at the beach is infested with sharks, and some of them are guaranteed to bite — but come on in, the water’s fine!

Well, friend, it’s not fine at all — because even if you DON’T mix statins with other drugs, they can cause brain drain, muscle pain, kidney and liver problems, and more.

They can even give you diabetes.

Don’t get in the water with these sharks. Fact is, the focus on cholesterol is completely backward — because you NEED the stuff, and in most cases the problem isn’t high cholesterol.

It’s LOW cholesterol!

I know that’s not what you’ve heard, but I’ve got the forbidden science to back me up… and you can read all about it in this free report from my Daily Dose archives.

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