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Quick trick can restore blood-sugar control

When you’ve got diabetes, you reach a point where you’re ready to tell everyone to stuff it.

Your doctors, your friends, even your family — as well-meaning as they are — all lecture you like a child, telling you what you HAVE TO DO to beat this disease.

Next time you’re ready to blow your top at the endless, mindless advice, do yourself a favor: Go for a walk, especially after you’re done eating.

It’s not only a great way to clear your head and get away from all the nag, nag, NAGGING.

It’s also one of the best steps you can take to help FIGHT diabetes and REGAIN control of your blood sugar!

A 10-minute stroll after each meal is all the exercise you need to fight the damage caused by the disease, according to the latest research. In fact, it’s so powerful that those three short sessions are BETTER for your health and your glucose control than a single, longer 30-minute walk.

Hit the pavement within five minutes of finishing your meal, and your blood sugar levels will plunge on average by about 12 percent.

But bigger, heavier meals lead to steeper drops. So, when you walk for just 10 minutes after the biggest meal of the day — dinner — your blood sugar levels plunge by 22 percent, according to the study published in the journal Diabetologia.

Better blood sugar control of course means you could need fewer drugs. You might need less insulin or even avoid it completely at times.

And if you really regain control over your blood sugar, you might even be able to work with a doc to get you off the darn meds completely.

You don’t need to be a diabetic to get the benefits of a walk.

It’s just about the best exercise around for all of us because it’s pleasant and painless — and a second new study finds that if you don’t have the disease yet, a daily walk for 30 minutes will cut your risk of diabetes by 26 percent.

And if you REALLY like to get outside… if you walk for an hour or more… that risk drops by 40 percent.

Of course, let’s not get carried away.

You could walk from here to Timbuktu and it won’t make much difference if you’re eating a diet filled with garbage.

So, pay more attention to what’s IN your meals rather than what you do AFTER them — because you can achieve perfect blood sugar control by sticking closely to a low-carb diet rich in natural animal fats.

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