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Prostate cancer treatment can melt your brain!

We’re just a couple of days away from the dumbest time of year, when guys wear a disguise in the name of something empty and hollow.

No, I’m not talking about Halloween.

But “MOVEMBER?” That’s another story.

That’s when guys — mostly younger guys by the way — grow mustaches, or at least attempt to, supposedly to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer.

Or so they say.

Let me give it to you straight since the media won’t: The only “awareness” they’re after is in getting more men into treatment.

And the only money they want to “raise” is what you’ll fork over to Big Pharma for it.

But don’t give in, my friend. Prostate treatments are more likely to RUIN your life than to SAVE it, with new research showing how one of the most common therapies of all can turn your brain into Swiss cheese.

It’s a hormone-sucking treatment called androgen-deprivation therapy that starves your body of testosterone, leaving you so feminine you might legally be allowed to use the women’s room in North Carolina!

But the emasculation isn’t the only side effect.

Any guy who’s been hoodwinked into having it will tell you that afterward they feel more empty-headed than a Hillary voter. It can leave your brain in a haze, robbing you of memory — and the new study shows the effects never quite fade.

Within just five years of treatment — FIVE YEARS! — your risk of developing dementia more than doubles.

And if you’re on this therapy for 12 months or more, it skyrockets, shooting up by nearly 150 percent.

This isn’t the first study to link ADT to brain damage. Research published just last year also found it’ll double your risk of the condition; and even when it doesn’t lead to full-blown dementia, it could turn your mind into mush.

One study found that as many as 69 percent of men who have ADT have brains so leaky they struggle to hold onto more than one thought at a time.

And if you think what it does to your brain is bad, ADT does to your bone what Halloween candy does to your teeth.

It rots it right out of your body!

It’s not just ADT. Typical prostate cancer treatments like drugs, surgery, and radiation can leave you incontinent, impotent, and wondering if you’d have been better off taking your chances with the cancer.

Guess what? In most cases, you are — because the typical prostate tumor will never hurt you.

They don’t even need to be diagnosed, much less treated.

You won’t hear that from a mainstream hack — but you will get the full scoop from a naturopathic medical doctor skilled in cancer care.

I recommend an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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