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Resist the pink ribbon pressure cooker!

You can’t set foot outside these days without being practically assaulted by the Pink Ribbon Mafia.

They’ve seized control of October, transforming this once proud autumn month into a 31-day commercial for one of the most questionable practices in modern medicine.

They’re URGING women to get mammograms as part of the absurd "Breast Cancer Awareness Month."

Well, friend, there’s a major new study out right now on those mammograms, but it’s one thing that they’re NOT trying to raise awareness about at all this month.

They’re working to cover it up!

That’s because this study proves — again — that mammograms push women into traumatic and life-altering treatments for a disease that in most cases never would’ve hurt them.

This study tracked tumor size over nearly FOUR DECADES and found that over the years, the number of very small ones detected and treated has skyrocketed.

The number of large tumors detected has dropped, but only by a little bit.

See the problem?

The mainstream wants you to believe every "small tumor" detected and treated today is a life saved — someone who WON’T get a killer cancer later on.

But if that were true, the numbers should match up. Every small tumor treated in 1983, for example, should lead to one less big tumor detected in the 1990s.

That’s not what happened.

Instead we got hundreds of thousands… maybe MILLIONS… of women treated for small tumors that in most cases never would’ve grown.

And those treatments aren’t easy.

They involve disfiguring surgeries and toxic drugs — and they leave women so physically and emotionally scarred that breast cancer survivors often face a form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

While it’s true the death rate for breast cancer has dropped a little since mammograms became widespread, the new study even puts THAT into question — because the researchers say it’s NOT because more women have been treated earlier.

It’s because when those larger and deadlier tumors are eventually caught, we’ve got better treatment options for them — making it more likely women will survive.

Heck, some of those tumors found later may have even been CAUSED by those mammograms earlier. These machines squeeze the breast so hard they can crush a small tumor, causing the cancer cells to spread.

Then they blast it with radiation. Who in the heck thinks that’s a good idea?

The Pink Ribbon Mafia. That’s who.

So no matter how much pressure you or the women in your life come under this month, don’t cave.

The kind of screening and treatment you get isn’t a decision for the Pink Ribbon Mafia. It’s one for you and a doctor who knows what risks you’re facing and the best way to handle them.

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