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Packing in the carbs won’t do a thing for your blood sugar

Here we go again!

Researchers are making the ludicrous claim that a natural back-to-basics high-protein diet WON’T cut your risk of diabetes.

That was news to me, since replacing unhealthy carbs with fat and protein has proven to be the best and fastest way to cut blood sugar and avoid diabetes — and this same approach can even CURE the disease if you have it.

So I grabbed my steak knife and cut into this study… and sure enough, I didn’t find real protein in the middle of it.

It was packed with CARBS!

A key part of the high-protein diet is cutting way back on those carbs because they raise blood sugar levels and lead to insulin resistance — but in this case, the dieters didn’t cut carbs at all.

They just added protein to a carb-heavy diet… and it wasn’t even quality protein, but a lab-created monstrosity in the form of “whey protein solution.”


The rest of the diet wasn’t much better.

Everyone — the “high protein” group and “low protein” group — got the same meals, and it’s like something out of a nightmare: two energy bars for breakfast and cardboard frozen meals such as Lean Cuisine for lunch and dinner.

Only the snacks were different, with one group getting the nasty “whey protein solution” to boost protein while the other got a snack with a mix of carbs and fats.

If you ever wanted to see a study on how NOT to diet, here it is.

And what does it prove? Well… pretty much NOTHING, but over 28 weeks the obese, older women in the study who didn’t choke back the “whey protein solution” did a little better on measures of insulin sensitivity.


The researchers also claim that women on the high-protein diet didn’t get much muscle benefit, either. But what did they expect? They weren’t getting a balanced mix of healthy proteins from those nasty frozen meals or the highly processed whey.

If you want to lose weight, improve your insulin sensitivity, and cut your risk of diabetes all at the same time, then boost your intake of healthy, natural proteins and slash your carbs.

Along with giving you better blood sugar control, you’ll also enjoy a lower risk of everything from cancer to heart disease.

And if you’re looking for a fresh, natural, inexpensive and easy-to-prepare protein to start off with, look no further than the humble egg! A study I shared just last month found that folks who eat eggs have better fasting glucose and insulin levels and a lower risk of insulin resistance.

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