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This migraine treatment is as effective as drugs

Conspiracy theory? I don’t think so!

If you want to see the blatant mainstream medical bias FOR the drug industry and AGAINST nondrug treatments, look no further than the latest “study” on migraines.

You’ve probably heard something about it or at least seen the headlines: Chiropractic manipulation “doesn’t work” for these terrible headaches.

Now, let’s leave aside the fact that no serious chiropractor will tell you these treatments are a cure. They’ll instead tell you that they’re just something to help ease the pain and restore a little function.

Done right, you’ll feel a little better… have fewer days with headaches… and need fewer pain pills.

And by THAT basic non-nonsense standard, spinal manipulation passed the new study with flying colors!

So what did the team behind this study do? They cooked up a whole bunch of nonsense.

The study divided the migraine patients into a group getting “real” chiropractic, a group getting a “sham” chiropractic as a placebo and a group just given pain pills.

Over three months ALL THREE groups improved, with a reduction in the number of days battling migraines.

So far it’s a tie.

But it didn’t stay that way. At the three-, six-, and 12-month marks, the folks given chiropractic and “sham” were ALL doing better than the ones on pain pills. And one year later, they had improved by 40 PERCENT… while the folks taking pain pills were right back to square one, suffering as many headaches as they did at the start of the study.

What we see here isn’t that chiropractic doesn’t work.

It’s that BOTH chiropractic AND the sham work as well as meds in the short-term… and BETTER than meds in the long term!

The real question to ask isn’t why chiropractic “didn’t work.” It’s what the heck was in their sham therapy — and sure enough, buried deep in the study, you’ll spot it: a “push maneuver of the lateral edge of the scapula and the gluteal region” that lasted for 15 minutes.

What does that sound like to you in plain English? I’ll tell you what it sounds like to me: MASSAGE!

And in 2006, a study found massage can reduce migraine frequency AND lead to better sleep.

So all this study proves is that chiropractic and massage are as good as meds in the short term, and better in the long term… and unlike meds, you won’t suffer any side effects.

If you want the best results, get both chiropractic AND a massage — but don’t stop there.

Like I said earlier, this isn’t a cure — just something to help you out a little.

For the absolute best results, combine it with other nondrug treatments such as colored lenses. I know that sounds wacky, but studies show specially tinted eyeglasses can reduce pain by up to 70 percent.

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