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This good news is bad news when it comes to dementia

Ladies, you just can’t win — even when you win!

Turns out you’ve “won” that age-old argument with your lesser half. You ARE sharper in the old sawmill than he is, especially as you hit your senior years.

New research shows older women have more brainpower and better memory protection than older guys, even as the gray matter starts suffering the damage that leads to dementia.

That’s what I call the sugar slowdown. It’s when the brain starts to metabolize glucose more slowly — something you can’t see or feel, but it’s pretty obvious from the outside.

At least, it’s obvious in GUYS.

Men start to stammer worse than a kid during a pop quiz, with all the obvious warning signs of cognitive impairment. As a result, older guys with the sugar slowdown botched verbal memory tests in the new study.

But not the ladies.

They passed with flying colors — showing no outward sign of the damage inside the brain.

The conclusion? Women have a “cognitive reserve,” or a little extra gas in the tank that allows them to handle this damage without missing a beat.

But don’t break out the victory dance in front of your husband just yet — because this is the very definition of a hollow victory.

Turns out sharper isn’t always better –because that extra blast of brainpower actually HIDES the brain damage that is the first and in some cases only warning sign of dementia.

That memory loss is your best shot at getting diagnosed and treated early.

Since guys show the signs of memory loss sooner, they can get diagnosed earlier and treated that much more quickly, which can help slow the progression of the cognitive decline and maybe even stop it from turning into full-blown dementia.

But ladies, docs can’t treat what they can’t see.

And since you may not have any outward sign of cognitive decline, he may not spot the problem until it’s much too late to do anything about it!

Don’t let this happen to you, ladies.

I’m not suggesting you go out and randomly have your brain scanned for glucose metabolism. Your doc will probably think you’re nuts just for asking.

But you CAN take steps protect your brain today, and it’ll work whether you already have the early damage in your brain — diagnosed or not — or are just hoping to avoid it.

A simple blend of B vitamins you can find in any drug store for just pennies a day has been shown to slow or even stop the “brain shrink” linked to cognitive decline and dementia and in some cases can even help reverse memory loss.

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