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Crooked media cooks up bogus supplement scare

Time for another phony vitamin panic!

Listen to the alarmist Big Pharma-funded media, and you’d think popping your daily supplements could damage your liver, sending you to the ER or even the grave.

The dopey headlines even denounce “supplements” as if any and all of them could wreck your insides.

I smelled something I can’t even print here the moment I saw the dire warnings.

So I did what the clueless media hacks who spend their days rewriting press releases refused to do: I got my hands on the study, and I dug into the details.

And all I can say is — your liver is safe.

Even the researchers behind the report admit that the risk of liver damage from supplements is “rare,” making up just 1 in 5 cases of “chemical-induced liver damage” in a government database.

And a full THIRD of those cases are from ILLEGAL supplements: steroids taken by muscled-out freaks.

Most of the rest also come from supplements you know to avoid, especially the dubious “fat burners” sold in convenience stores. Some contained too-high doses of green tea extract, some were listed as “Chinese herbs” and others listed as “Korean herbs,” and most had too many ingredients for the researchers to figure anything out.

They didn’t come out and say it, but I know what’s going on here — and if you’ve ever been in a convenience store, you do too.

Most of this crap is probably the wacko stuff they sell by the cash register… right next to the lottery tickets… promising to BURN FAT FAST or CURE SEX PROBLEMS INSTANTLY.

What can I say? Don’t mess around with this garbage… but you already knew that.

So don’t stress your supplements if you stick to legit stuff. And if you REALLY want to protect your liver, start at the top: The NUMBER ONE cause of acute liver failure in the entire nation isn’t a vitamin or supplement, not even those horrible fat-burners and muscle-builders.

It’s taking too much acetaminophen, a.k.a. TYLENOL! And, as we’ve found, that’s exceedingly easy to do.

There are, however, actually HUNDREDS of drugs that are known to damage the liver.

They include some of the most popular meds on the planet. Painkillers, antidepressants, seizure drugs, antibiotics, and more can all lead to liver injury and even liver failure.

Funny, I don’t see researchers rushing out with a big warning over those, though. Nope — they’re blaming “supplements,” and the clueless media is playing along with alarmist headlines.

So don’t be afraid to take your supplements. Just be smart about it: Do your homework, study what you need, and of course talk to your doctor about it.

And when you do settle on a nutrient you need, don’t buy it at a truck stop, gas station, or convenience store. Stick to quality supplements from a maker who has earned your trust.

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