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Buck the trend and end joint pain NOW

The moment you feel that first sign of arthritis in one of your joints, you get your entry ticket punched into the world’s worst party.

It’s a PAIN PARTY — and there’s no smiling, singing, or dancing.

In fact, don’t even THINK about cutting a rug! You’ll be too busy scowling and screaming in pain.

But as bad as this party is, you’ll have plenty of friends there — because new numbers from the CDC show how this kind of misery absolutely loves company.

The number of seniors battling joint pain has jumped by 40 percent in a little more than a decade — and these aren’t just minor aches we’re talking about here.

The new study rated pain on a scale of 1 to 10 — and in 2002, 10.5 million older Americans said they were locked in a daily battle with pain levels at 7 or higher, which was considered “severe” pain.

Think that’s bad?

Fast-forward to 2014, and now we’ve got 14.6 million Americans — 27.2 percent of the entire adult population — living with the misery of “severe” pain.

And severe joint pain is found in roughly half of those who are disabled and those who are unable to work.

But when it comes down to it, what this study REALLY shows isn’t just the staggering number of Americans battling pain.

It’s the staggering failure of mainstream medicine!

If those clowns had anything even remotely decent to offer, the number of seniors with severe and disabling joint pain should be plunging.

Instead, it’s climbing faster than Hillary’s unfavorable rating.

The reason for it is right there in the study itself, where the CDC advises folks with joint pain to pop some Tylenol or Advil and get more exercise.

Can you believe this nonsense?

The reason for your severe joint pain in most cases is that the “cushion” of cartilage in your joint is crumbling, causing the bone to start to rub on itself — try not to wince as you picture that — leading to inflammation and excruciating pain.

Pain pills won’t stop the cartilage from disintegrating, and exercise can actually speed it up.

What you really need is to give your joints the ability to repair the cartilage.

Collagen is one of the main components of cartilage — and if you boost your intake, you can help build up that cushion and end the pain.

One form of collage, UC-II, is so effective at rebuilding cartilage that a study earlier this year found that it can cut pain, ease stiffness and improve function when compared to glucosamine and chondroitin.

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