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Brew your way to a better brain

Is there anything better on a cool autumn morning than taking it slow with a hot cup of joe?

I don’t think so!

Here at Harrison House, the day doesn’t begin until the coffee’s brewing — and none of that decaf stuff, either. That’s like kissing your sister.

We drink our java turbo-charged and fully-loaded — and ladies, you might want to do the same, because new research shows how caffeine could be the best way to protect your brain.

Yes, the same stuff that helps keep your eyes open could keep you sharp as you grow older.

The more you drink, the more protection you get. And if you get the level of caffeine found in two or three mugs of coffee per day, your risk of dementia absolutely plunges.

Over 10 years, you’ll be 36 percent less likely to get the disease!

These weren’t younger folks with a low risk to begin with, ladies. All of the women in this study were at least 65 at the start and were tracked for a full decade.

That means that by the end of the study, all of them were at least 75 — or right in that danger zone when dementia risk really starts to soar. The dementia rate at 75 is TRIPLE the rate of women between the ages of 65 and 74, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

But the study’s coffee drinkers were able to beat those odds. In fact, you might say they were “sippin’ pretty”!

The key seems to be 261 milligrams of caffeine, or about what you’ll find in 21 ounces of the typical coffee you can brew in your own home or buy in a donut shop. Just pass on the donuts, because the sugar will wreck your brain instead of saving it.

You can also get caffeine in tea, but only half as much — so you’d have to drink about six cups a day to get the same level. It’s not so bad if you like tea, but it’s still a whole lot more work — and a lot more running to the bathroom as you have to keep emptying the tank.

So I’m sticking to coffee, because while this study was on women, we’ve seen similar results in men — and along with protecting you from dementia, the caffeine in coffee can also prevent Parkinson’s disease.

Don’t let the coffee snobs scare you off; you don’t need fancy brews to get the benefits. Heck, the pricey espresso drinks that are all the rage these days actually contain LESS caffeine than plain old coffee.

So brew what you like… kick back… and let the caffeine work its magic.

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