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Ease your incontinence the SAFE way

A battle with incontinence isn’t just a battle for your health.

It’s an all-out war for your DIGNITY — because there’s nothing more humiliating than being out in public when an embarrassing “accident” strikes.

Some folks are too terrified to leave home, practically held prisoner by a bladder with a mind of its own.

It’s time to seize control and regain your freedom and your dignity — because there are safe ways to plug the leak so you can go where you want, when you want, and without the worry.

Just don’t count on mainstream researchers to deliver it!

A new study on women with bladder problems sounds more like a sick prank than real science. While there are any number of safe solutions that can work wonders for urinary problems, this one looked at exactly NONE of them!

And what it did look at sounds more like TORTURE than TREATMENT.

The researchers compared two options, and one is worse than the other: either an implanted device in the spine that sends electricity into your bladder… or injections with Botox (a.k.a. botulism) directly into the bladder.

The conclusion? They both “work.”

Botox cuts the number of “urgent episodes” a little more than the bladder zaps… but it will also more than triple your risk of infection. In some women, it works a little TOO well, and you end up needing a catheter to empty out.


The researchers say you should try meds first, which they claim should work for 80 percent of older folks battling bladder problems. And the other 20 percent? You can choose between being zapped with electricity… or being pumped full of poison.

But you’ve got a third option: NONE OF THE ABOVE!

There’s a two-step solution for bladder control that works like a charm close to 100 percent of the time, and it won’t lead to infection OR a catheter.

First, try some bladder training. It’s just what it sounds like — you time how long you go between bathroom runs, and then work on extending it.

It can be a little tense at first… and some folks give up. But if you can stick it out, you could ultimately add HOURS to the amount of time you take between bathroom breaks.

And second, with or without those exercises, there are safe supplements that can strengthen the bladder so you don’t spring a leak.

Crataeva nurvala, for example, can add strength to smooth muscle — which is good, because your bladder is wrapped in THREE LAYERS of this muscle. On top of that, an herbal remedy called horsetail has been used since ancient Rome for help with bladder control.

You’ll often find both of these time-tested, science-backed remedies as part of a natural bladder-support formula. Look for a quality blend from a maker you trust.

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