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These painkillers can kill YOU

Pop a pill, feel better. Can you beat that promise?

Of course you can’t — and if you’ve ever knocked back a Motrin or two and felt your pain just melt away, you can see why some folks practically live off those pills.

But don’t go out and buy a warehouse-sized tub of pain pills yet, my friend — because this is the opposite of an endorsement.

Even when they work… even when they deliver on the promise of big-time relief and do it in a flash… these drugs can kill so much more than pain.

They can kill YOU!

A shocking new report finds prescription doses of some of today’s most popular pain pills — including the ibuprofen in Advil and Motrin and the naproxen in Aleve — can set you up for one of the deadliest heart problems around.

They can trigger heart failure!

Just two weeks on prescription doses of popular NSAIDs can boost your risk of this condition by nearly 20 percent.

Think that’s bad?

That’s only the beginning. Some drugs… including wildly popular meds like diclofenac… can DOUBLE that risk!

The study was limited to prescription meds, which in most cases are just higher doses of the same drugs you can buy over-the-counter. As a result, the researchers say they wouldn’t be surprised to find a risk even in non-prescription doses… especially in folks who pop an extra pill or two when they’re battling severe pain.

Of course the risk is there.

We’ve been down this road before: A study a couple years back found high doses of common NSAIDs can DOUBLE the risk of heart failure and boost your odds of all major coronary events by a third.

Another study found the meds will increase your risk of atrial fibrillation — a dangerous irregular heartbeat condition — by as much as 84 percent.

And that’s on top of the already notorious risks of stomach bleeding that comes from taking NSAIDs.

Yes, a little bit of relief can come with a big price.

Let someone else pay it, because you’ve got much better options — and I’ll give you two of them right now.

First, yell at it. No, I’m not losing my mind. One crazy study a few years back found that folks who yell out a few four-letter words during pain are FOUR TIMES more likely to get some quick relief.

Just be sure to keep it G-rated the rest of the time; the study found it ONLY works if you don’t normally swear.

Like painkillers, you can build a tolerance to it!

And second, for tough-to-beat pain caused by everyday aches, try Soothanol X2 from my colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals. This potent blend of pain relievers including DMSO, menthol and MSM is so powerful that just a few drops rubbed into a trouble spot can cause pain to vanish within 45 seconds.

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