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Common prostate treatment can wreck you

When it comes down to it, prostate cancer is like a shark bite — because odds are, neither one of those things will ever hurt you.

And yet in both cases, there’s a whole lot of fear… and not a lot of reason to it.

But there IS something you SHOULD worry about — and that’s heart problems, the nation’s number one killer.

And if you’ve had heart problems yourself, you need to watch out when some shark of a doctor tries to use fear to push you into a prostate cancer treatment.

Because new research proves that one of the most common prostate cancer treatments of all can leave you WORSE OFF than you were when you started!

If you have any history of a heart attack — and, let’s face it, if you’re of the age where prostate cancer starts to become a real worry there’s a good chance you’ve had a scare or two — then hormone therapy can actually make you more miserable, according to the study.

Hormone therapy is essentially chemical emasculation. It chokes off androgens, including testosterone, essentially robbing you of what makes you a man.

Since some tumors feed off those same androgens, it kills the cancer — in theory.

But it can also turn a rough and tough Clint into a touchy-feely “Caitlyn”!

Now, as the new study shows, it doesn’t even work for men with a history of heart problems!

Of course, that makes sense, since testosterone is CRITICAL to cardiac function.

But even if your heart is in such good shape it could be photographed for a Valentine card, you’re best off avoiding this emasculating therapy — because it can also turn your mind into mush.

One study last year found guys who have this treatment suffer from memory loss, confusion, and more within six months — and many hadn’t recovered by the end of the yearlong study period.

Some guys might never recover at all, because another study found hormone therapy for prostate cancer will increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 88 percent — and in some cases, it can DOUBLE that risk.

Those are risks you just don’t have to face, because most cases of prostate cancer are 100 percent harmless and need no treatment at all.

No brain-rotting emasculating drugs… no surgery… and no radiation. Those treatments pack their own humiliating risks, including the absolute embarrassment of a limp and leaky member that might never work on command again.

Fact is, most guys who choose “watch and wait” — doing nothing unless the cancer gets worse — live just as long if not longer and enjoy a BETTER overall quality of life, and you can read more about it in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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