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Toxins are coming from your TEETH!

Can you believe these geniuses?

Mainstream medicine now admits that cramming toxic mercury into your teeth will lead to mercury everywhere else in your body.

It’s only taken 150 years for them to figure this out!

In a stunning about-face from the usual nonsense about the supposed safety of mercury in dental fillings, a new study now confirms what anyone with a little common sense figured out ages ago.

It’s NOT safe, because the mercury WILL seep out of the fillings and enter your bloodstream.

The more fillings you have, the higher your risk of having enough mercury to tell the temperature without looking.

And if you’ve got eight fillings or more made of amalgam — a.k.a. “silver” fillings, which are more than half mercury — you’re 150 percent more likely to have measurable levels of mercury circulating in your blood than someone with none of those fillings.

Mercury in the blood is POISON in the blood, and it touches every corner of your body.

It can damage the brain, increasing your risk of Parkinson’s and dementia. It can damage the heart, increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, heart rhythm problems, heart attack, and more. It can damage the kidneys, leading to kidney disease, and it can practically cripple your immune system.

It can also cause “mystery diseases” that docs can’t quite figure out — including symptoms that mimic multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, metabolic encephalopathy, and more.

And it all starts with a dentist trying to plug holes in your teeth!

If that were your only source of mercury exposure, it could have devastating consequences on your health just on its own.

But it’s not.

You’ll find mercury in certain fish, including shark, king mackerel, and even tuna. It’s hiding in those newfangled light bulbs we’re under government order to use. It’s in your water, certain skin creams, and even some vaccines (including the flu shot).

Most of those things are within your control. You can filter water with reverse osmosis to remove 97 percent of the mercury… stick to safe fish… and reject the flu shot. And don’t forget to stockpile decent light bulbs when you can find them!

But if you had those fillings put in decades ago, there’s not much you can do about them on your own. They’re in your mouth — right now — slowly releasing mercury as they break down (especially if you’re a grinder).

Fortunately, there’s a growing number of dentists who specialize in removing amalgam fillings and replacing them with composite — a safer, resin-based filling that also matches the natural color of your teeth.

Seek advice from a dentist who has mercury-free practices. I recommend finding a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

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