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Is CHEESE the secret to perfect arteries?

For YEARS you’ve been urged to replace the foods you love… the very foods you grew up on… with disgusting substitutes, all to supposedly protect your arteries.

Gouda used to be “gouda nuff,” and Brie was for me. Now the only “cheese” they want you to eat is cottage.


Forget fried chicken thighs. Now it’s bland poached breasts… no salt, of course.

And don’t even THINK about using real butter. They want you to eat some fake “buttery spread” squeezed out of soybeans.

Cheese, dark meat chicken, butter, and more are all supposed to be loaded with artery-clogging fat….or so you’ve been told.

Well, friend, I’m here to say you’ve been told WRONG — because the latest research proves that these foods aren’t just safe for your arteries.

They’re ESSENTIAL to protecting you from one of today’s leading killers!

Heart disease is the nation’s number one cause of death, ending 610,000 American lives every year — and more than half of those deaths are from the most common form of the disease, coronary heart disease.

That’s when a whole lot of crud builds up inside the coronary arteries, plugging them up the way Uncle Bob clogs your toilet.

But some nutrients can sweep through your internal “pipes” like the Roto-Rooter man, clearing out the crud and getting everything flowing again.

And the secret is in a nutrient you’ll find in all those foods you’ve been told NOT to eat!

Folks with the highest intake of K2 from DIET — yes, people who eat MEAT and CHEESE — are 14 percent less likely to drop dead from coronary heart disease, according to the new study.

That’s in line with other research on this. The world-famous Rotterdam study, for example, found men with the highest K2 intake had a 52 percent lower risk of severe calcification in the coronary artery.

The new study didn’t find any artery benefit to the more common K vitamin, the K1 found in leafy greens — ONLY K2, which most people miss out on.

And that’s probably because they’re terrified to eat the foods that contain it!

The best sources include cheese — with Gouda at the top of the list — and other fatty dairy items as well as egg yolks, dark meat chicken, organ meats, and more.

K2 works best when you get plenty of vitamin D, so be sure to get out under the sun and take a D3 supplement. Along with cutting your heart risk, this duo can ensure that calcium in your diet doesn’t go into the artery plaque but instead heads into your bone — adding strength and cutting your risk of a devastating break.

That’s not all you need to know about forbidden fats. They’re also essential to making sure your body absorbs certain nutrients and puts them to use — and I’ll have the skinny on that later today.

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