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The ‘forbidden’ compound that can build your brain

Are we living in screwy times or what?

Marijuana is rapidly becoming legal all over the nation… and tobacco is rapidly being banned everywhere.

In some places, you can’t even smoke in your own home!

Tobacco isn’t nearly the bad guy it’s been made out to be — and the latest research shows how a key compound locked inside each leaf can protect your brain from some of the most devastating diseases of aging.

Nicotine increases the number of brain receptors upstairs, according to the new study on mice — and the more of those receptors you’ve got, and the more easily new ones can spring up, the more protection you’ll have against memory loss and more.

The benefits didn’t end there, either.

Ask any model how they stay so slim, and they’ll tell you it’s because they smoke. It’s true! Nicotine is a powerful appetite suppressant, and the mice prove it: The ones given the highest doses of nicotine ate less and lost weight.

They were supermodel mice!

Mice don’t smoke, so they were given the nicotine in water rather than through cigarettes — and the researchers say this shows nicotine can cause changes in the brain even without smoking.

But we already knew that. A human study a few years back found nicotine patches improve long-term memory by a stunning 46 percent.

Most people get their nicotine from smoking actual tobacco, and the studies have been consistent over the years: Smokers have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more.

I’m not suggesting you take up smoking. But if you DO smoke, you certainly don’t have to give in to the fake-coughers and keep apologizing for your habit… and you certainly shouldn’t have to be driven into hiding over it.

Odds are, the worst ingredients in a cigarette aren’t in the natural tobacco but come instead from the chemicals used to process it, add flavor and make it even more addictive.

If you want to continue to smoke, the best way to do it is with a quality natural cigar a couple of times a day, ideally after meals to help with digestion. You don’t have to inhale — just take the smoke into your mouth and your cheeks will absorb the healthy compounds in the tobacco.

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