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Key screening could be STOLEN from you

When your rear end is on the line, you want to make your own decisions with the help of your doctor.

You don’t want some egg-headed, pencil-pushing insurance-company hack out to save money telling you what you can and can’t do.

But that’s what’s about to happen with colonoscopy as a new report claims seniors over the age of 75 can just forget about them.

The study says that while the procedure can cut the risk of colon cancer in folks right up to the age of 74 by as much as a third, that benefit somehow vanishes on your 75th birthday.

Yeah, right.

I got the bottom of this, and I know what’s going on… and you can thank the fact that Obamacare is rapidly bankrupting the system for this turd of a “study.”

The research was funded by no less than three government health agencies that would LOVE to cook up ways to stop this socialist plot from bleeding cash out its you-know-what.

So they’re desperately scheming to cut corners when it comes to older folks.

The butt-heads behind this study even admit they’re trying to give “helpful information for benefit-risk analyses” to help influence “policymakers” about this “resource-demanding procedure.”

Translation: Here are some excuses to save money by making less “demand” for those “resources.”

Even the American Cancer Society says this is nuts — and that’s about as mainstream a group as you’ll find (and one I’ve got plenty of issues with). They say after 75, you can’t just kiss off the colonoscopy.

Once you hit that age, you’ve got to consider factors like how well you might handle the procedure if you’re on the frail side and what other health issues you could be facing.

But even then, you still have a choice that YOU and YOUR DOCTOR should be making… not your insurance company or Medicare adjuster.

Here’s the real deal: The long-term benefit of ANYTHING shrinks after the age of 75 because the average American life expectancy is 78.74.

And if you’re planning to kick the bucket just before you turn 79, then go ahead and cancel that colonoscopy. Heck, cancel EVERYTHING and make sure that 78th birthday party is a bash to remember.

But if you’re planning to beat the curve and live longer — as I know you are — then to heck with what those bean-counters say.

Make your OWN decisions based on what you need and the advice you’re given by a doctor you trust.

And if any insurance company nerd tries to say “no,” tell him he can kiss you right in the colonoscopy zone.

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