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How to make sure you don’t suffer a dangerous fall

We’ve got Zika mosquitos eating baby brains and causing nerve damage in seniors… an obesity epidemic caused by dreadful mainstream diet advice… and a nation of loopy painkiller addicts.

So what’s the CDC obsessing over today?


Now, don’t get me wrong. This is a BIG issue, because any time a senior takes a spill it could lead straight down the road to disability and even death.

But the CDC coming out with a warning over falls is like a burglar trying to sell you a home security system after breaking into your place and robbing your blind — because THEY caused much of this problem in the first place!

The agency’s new warning says 2.8 million seniors are rushed to the ER every year due to falls, and that 27,000 Americans die because of them.

That’s blood on their bureaucratic hands — because the prime reason for many of those falls are the drugs being pushed on seniors by the CDC itself.

Just look at their dangerously irresponsible guidelines for treating so-called “high” blood pressure. The agency says right on its website that controlling BP levels “usually involves taking medications.”

Don’t like how the drugs can make you feel loopier than a bear hit with a tranquilizer dart? TOUGH — because the CDC says you’ve got to “follow your doctor’s orders and stay on your medications.”

And now they have the nerve to warn of falls? Give me a break!

Actually, they ARE giving us a break — as in hip breaks and other serious injuries — because a study a few years back found the blood pressure meds the CDC loves so much will boost your risk of serious injury from a fall by as much as 40 percent.

And it’s all for drugs most people don’t even need in the first place.

A major scientific review published in 2012 looked at studies involving BP pills and placebos in folks with “stage 1” hypertension — the most common form of this supposed disease.

Over five years, the drugs didn’t prevent a single stroke and didn’t save a single life when compared to the placebos, and even when compared to doing absolutely nothing.

It’s not just BP meds, by the way. Other common drugs that can cause seniors to fall include painkillers, allergy meds, sleeping pills, and more — and they’re all meds you can usually do without.

Obviously, don’t stop or start taking any med without talking to your doc first. But if he’s insistent on giving you meds you don’t think you need, maybe it’s time to start shopping around for a new one.

I recommend an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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