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This nutrient can add years to your life

A pill to cheat death?

If Big Pharma cooked this puppy up, you can bet there would be commercials on for it day and night — probably starring some TV has-been — and it would cost a small fortune to get your hands on it.

But this pill already EXISTS… and it won’t cost your more than a few pennies a day!

It’s vitamin D.

We don’t need a study to know you need the stuff. Of course you do, but the latest research goes a step further.

This one shows a direct link between low levels of vitamin D and a high risk of the big D.


If you don’t boost your intake A.S.A.P. you could find yourself R.I.P. because the study finds that the lower your levels, the higher your risk.

And guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but you’re facing the biggest risk of all, especially if you’re white. White men with D levels below 12 ng/mL face more than QUADRUPLE the risk of kicking the bucket.

But it’s not just guys, and not just 12 ng/mL.

Men and women alike face a higher risk of death when their levels fall below 20 ng/mL.

And if you want the highest odds of singing “Stayin’ Alive,” make sure your levels stay above 50 ng/mL, according to the new study.

That’s about what you need for good health — but most folks, especially seniors, fall well short. That, in turn, will boost your risk of just about every killer disease including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more.

Low D can even increase your risk of dangerous infections including flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, and more.

The single best — and cheapest — way to get your D is to get out under the sun every day. But winter is coming, and when it does, most folks won’t get out enough to make the D they need.

Even if you DO get out, everything from winter cloud cover to the extra layer of clothes to the angle of the Earth facing that sun can all block you from getting the UV rays you need to make D.

And let’s face it: Even in the prime of summer, not many people actually get out much, and when they do, they cover up.

So take a D3 supplement daily. Most folks need between 2,000 and 5,000 IU per day, but your doc can run a quick test that’ll tell you where you stand so you figure out how much you need.

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