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What your knees are REALLY trying to tell you

You’re not like these whiny kids who moan and groan over every little ache, and you’re certainly not about to go crying to a doc every time something hurts.

What’s he going to do? He’ll just tell you to swallow some pain pills — and if you don’t shut up about it, he’ll send you off to the surgeon.

You don’t want pills… and you don’t want surgery… so you do what you’ve always done.

You tough it out.

Well, my friend, it’s one thing to be tough. It’s quite another to be so bull-headed you won’t get help even when you need it — and if you’ve got knee pain, you need some help right now.

Because as the latest research shows, a little knee pain today could lead to more pain in other parts of your body tomorrow.

Just like in that old children’s song, the knee bone’s connected to thighbone — and the thighbone’s connected to your hip bone.

And if you’ve got knee pain now, you could end up feeling pain right up to the thigh and even down to your ankles… because it’s all connected.

In the new study, older folks struggling with knee pain were much more likely to battle other forms of pain than seniors without achy knees.

The most common pain points are the hips and ankles, no doubt because knee pain can cause you to walk all funny — which sets the stage from problems in those other joints and sockets as you overcompensate.

But many folks also had pain in other parts of the body, too.

In fact, it can feel like ALL the parts are wearing out at once!

You don’t have to grimace and bear it, my friend, and you don’t need to resign yourself to a life of pain pills or the misery of surgery — because you CAN take control of knee pain today before it leads to problems elsewhere.

Most cases of knee pain in seniors are the result of osteoarthritis, or the “wear and tear” form of the disease that’s almost inevitable with age.

But despite what you’ve heard… despite what your own doc has probably told you… it’s NOT inevitable that it has to get worse!

Many folks find they can stop the pain with the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are so effective that even mainstream docs are starting to recommend them.

But they don’t work for everybody.

Fortunately, there’s something even better — something that beats glucosamine and chondroitin by nearly every measure.

It’s called UC-II collagen, and studies show it can ease pain, fight stiffness and improve function in folks battling knee pain due to osteoarthritis, and you can read more about it for free right here

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