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How to GROW your brain!

You’ve got BIG plans for your golden years… BIG dreams and BIG ideas… and you’ve finally got the time to see some of them through.

But before you get started, you need something else to get BIG, and not just your bank account — because the latest research on brain health offers a BIG new insight into aging.

This one shows exactly why some seniors hit their 70s or 80s sharper than ever — able to outthink folks half their age — and it’s not just because the younger folks were raised on dopey Common Core standards.

No, friend, the REAL reason is just what you’ve read right here in the Daily Dose over the years: Size matters, at least when it comes to your brain!

Seniors with BIG brains get BIG benefits, including the gray matter needed to see those BIG plans though.

Seniors with little brains, well… They come up small when it matters most.

The issue is brain shrink. As we get older, our gray matter starts to shrivel.

But while some folks see only a little shrink, others suffer so much that their brains practically turn into prunes — and if you’ve got a prune where your plum used to be, you can kiss your big plans goodbye.

The study in The Journal of Neuroscience finds that seniors who have less shrink stay sharper longer — passing memory tests with flying colors and proving to be every bit as sharp as folks in their 20s!

It’s the brains that time forgot — gray matter almost UNTOUCHED by the ravages of aging.

Ready for the best part of this?

You could keep your own brain BIGGER for LONGER… and give yourself the power to see through all those BIG plans… because there’s a simple and safe way to slow that shrink.

The key is in getting the essential brain-boosting vitamins your brain needs to stay big — especially the critical B vitamins so many folks miss out on.

In one major study from the big brains at Oxford University, a complex of B6, B12, and folate was able to cut brain shrink by nearly a third in seniors battling mild cognitive impairment.

That’s an average, mind you.

Some folks saw an even bigger benefit, with the B blend slowing that shrink by 53 percent!

This isn’t some magic pill available only at top-notch universities. The nutrients used in the study are the same ones you’ll find on the shelf in most vitamin shops.

And if you aren’t taking one yet, talk to your doc about it.

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